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Automated Video Inspection (AVI) system

V5 integrates advanced image process and algorithm technologies with precision automation machine to develop its own AVI system. Besides, in order to ensure the inspection results are correct, Verify and Repair System (VRS) is an essential process while V5’s VRS system is an effective and simple system for fulfilling the last but not least section.

Traffic Information Acquisition System

V5 vehicle detector is able to report traffic flow, speed and types of vehicles on the road and road occupancy to the management center in a precise and efficient order. Industrial grade vehicle detector is also able to operate outdoors around the clock.

Traffic Incident Video Analytics Solution

The hardware circuit module along with the exclusive intelligent image analysis algorithm technology and backstage man-machine interface software is capable of sending signals to traffic managers for immediate treatment, reducing casualties and maintaining smooth traffic flow.

Intelligent Security Monitoring System

We provide the most advanced industrial and commercial visual inspection and intelligent analytical instruments. Additionally, we provide customized intelligent visual image analysis system to meet our customers' needs.