VK-103 / VK-104

VRS (Verify and Repair System)

In order to ensure the inspection results are correct, Verify and Repair System (VRS) is an essential process to control the product quality and place an important role during the production. V5's VRS system is an effective and simple system for fulfilling the last but not least section. 


High precision X-Y table

Vacuum pump and vacuum generator for options

Flexible to place on the table for more comfortable and effective working environment



Camera SDI color camera Illumination Ring type LED lighting

(W)604mm x (D)770mm x (H)775mm

Scope Micro scope
XY table

X axis stroke: 280mm

Y axis stroke: 150mm

Position accuracy: +-20um


AC 220v, Single phase,

Power consumption:1kw/h

Air: 300liter/min.

Monitor LCD monitor