PCB/FPC Semi-automatic AVI System


The Semi-automatic AVI System developed by V5 Technologies could provide flexible PCB/FPC inspection platform which is a key equipment to increase product quality. V5 Technologies integrates precise automatic equipment, advanced image technologies and algorithm to develop semi-automatic AVI System to help the clients ensure precision and quality under limited cost and space. In addition, in order to improve inspection accuracy and reduce false rate, VPF 102 integrates VRS function to successfully control product quality.



● Simple and easy setting software with CAM file and golden sample

● Selectable for inspection methods with line scanning or area camera

● High inspection rate, low CIQ rate and low negative rate

● The most optimized light source to reveal various defects

● Integrated inspection and re-inspection into one machine

● High precision X-Y table

● Vacuum pump and vacuum generator for options

● Flexible to place on the table for more comfortable and effective working environment