Intelligent Urban Traffic Monitoring System, Taipei City

Taipei City, Taiwan: Intelligent Urban Traffic Monitoring System


As the political and economic capital in Taiwan, Taipei City is currently facing traffic congestion problems which has been getting serious. In order to manage the traffic flow effectively, accessing to the traffic information timely over the city has become the primary task for the traffic managers of Taipei City. Since 2013, Taipei City Govenment started to adopt V5 Technologies' intelligent traffic video and image information detector - Vistra Track VD, which provides the following functions:


‧Provides average and instant vehicle speed in a specific area

‧Provides the traffic flow data in a specific area during a particular time

‧Provides information of road occupancy in a specific area during a particular time

‧Provides statistics data of vehicle types in a specific area


In June 2014, there are over 100 units of VistaTrack VD Detectors in Taipei City to provide instant traffic information in specific areas and the number continues to increase. Using VistaTrack VD Detectors with V5's traffic monitoring central management system, the traffic managers in Taipei City can obtain traffic information easily and access to the videos in specific locations to get on-site traffic information directly which is an impartant and practical function that can't be offered by general detectors. The system not only significantly enhances the effectiveness of traffic control management, it also reduces the cost and burden of traffic management.