National i236 Intelligent City Project, HsinChu City

i236 Intelligent Living and Technology Application Program in Hsinchu, Taiwan


i236 Intelligent Living and Technology Application Program is one of the 12 constructions of Love Taiwan project - Intelligent Taiwan Policy. With its theme of Smart Town and i-Park, the government wanted to promote innovative applications and services with intelligent living technologies in the city. V5 Technology was involved in the intelligent security and accident prevention system. We successfully implemented the intelligent video and image security system i-Watch in the campuses, banks, and public places in Hsinchu, providing the following functions:


‧Campus electronic fence image: prevents illegal enter or exit in the campus

‧Peculiar item detection: detects peculiar items placed in the campus, banks and public places

‧Image-based fire detection: detects unknown fire/smoke captured by surveillance cameras

‧Hand detection: when the banks' employees raise their hands during an emergency, the system will

    automatically alert the police and send real-time images

‧Intelligent alert: if the occupant stay in a default location for a certain period of time, the system will

    automatically alert the police and send real-time images


This project was implemented in many occasions such as academic institutes, the state government or for the police security and accident prevention drills. It has been highly recommended by the citizens with its excellent performance, especially for the parents as the security in schools has been improved. Due to the success of this project, the program is extened for two more years to expand the coverage of the system service.