Farglory Real Estate Left Bank Smart Urban, New Taipei City

Farglory Left Bank Smart Urban in New Taipei City, Taiwan


Farglory Left Bank is the pioneer project with the Urban Planning program in Taiwan which create a pleasent residential community environment. Not only communicate and discuss with New Taipei City's government units, managers of Farglory Construction also work with industry, research and academic groups to realize the unique concept of next-generation city in public facilities, digital devices and green architectures perspectives. In order to construct an urban next-generation green environment, V5 helped provide the advanced urban intelligent traffic light control system - Beacam, which has the following functions:


‧Intersection traffic flow volume detection

‧Intersection vehicle waiting time detection

‧Intersection traffic flow proportions in all directions

‧Dynamic phase control of traffic lights


This system efficiently control the switching time for the traffic lights according to the vehicle distribution on the roads to minimize the waiting time of vehicles. This also helped reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and the waiting time of the pedestrians.