National Freeway Central Region

Central Region Engineering Office on National Freeway, Taiwan: Intelligent Anti-theft Security System


Most of the public systems such as the lighting and traffic management systems on freeways rely on signal communication and power transmission devices to have a proper, stable and long-term 24-hour operation in a day. At the meantime, the power and trasmission cables are very worthful and usually become the targets to the thieves whom make the systems shutdown and results in heavy casaulties and government resources waste since the cables are stolen by.


In order to stop the huge financial losses from these stealing cases every year, Central Region Engineering Office of Taiwan National Freeway Bureau decided to utilize V5 i-Watch Intelligent Anti-theft Security System in 2012 and installed i-Watch devices at hundreds of sites where the stealing cases happened frequently to have the following functions:


‧Human figure detection and alert

‧Enlarge facial characteristics of the intruder

‧24-hour intruder detection

‧Illegal intruding image delivery and instant alerting system


After i-Watch Intelligent Anti-theft Security System was installed, the stealing rate was significantly reduced as the police were able to arrive the crime location in the shortest time and suseccfully prevented the crimes occur.