National Expressway No.6

National Expressway No.6, Taiwan: Intelligent Traffic Incident Video Detection System


National Expressway No.6 is known as the most beautiful freeway in Taiwan and it is one of the must-visit spots for tourists. The traffic security on National Expressway No.6 represents the commitment for domestic and foreign tourists which makes it a major topic. There are three tunnels on National Expressway No.6 with overall 8500 meters length. Even over hundreds of surveillance cameras were installed to help monitor traffic status inside the tunnels, the traffic managers still couldn't ensure traffic security since there were too many blind spots.


Since 2008, National Expressway No.6 started utilizing V5 TrafficEye intelligent traffic incident video detection system to automatically analyze the following traffic events:


‧Car accidents and peculiar parking

‧Fallen objects on the roads

‧Presence of pedestrians

‧Vehicle travelling in inverse direction

‧Fire and smoke

‧Traffic congestion


After the system was successfully installed on National Expressway No.6, all the traffic incidents could be reported instantly and automatically to the traffic managers, significantly accelerated the rescue time. Over the past years, V5 products have been operating in a stable and reliable manner, protecting millions of lives.