Kipping Tunnel, Keelung

Kipping tunnel runs through Keelung and Pinghsi length for 2612 meters with many famous attractions of Northeast corner in Taiwan is an important tunnel. The surveillance system in the tunnel adopts V5’s TrafficEye system. With numerous cameras equipped in the tunnel adopting V5 system, the managers can grasp the real time image and information while keep monitoring numerous screens for all the time is not necessary anymore. Abnormal events in the vidoes will be detected and reported effectively allows the managers comprehend the status in the tunnel at the earliest moment to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency for security control. The functions included are as below:


  • Car accident and emergency stopped vehicle detection
  • Fallen objects on the road detection
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Wrong-way vehicle detection
  • Traffic congestion detection


By implementing TrafficEye system, the abnormal events occur on the road could be detected immediately and enhance the monitoring effectivenss of the administrator while the rescue time is also be saved as the accident can be detected and reported rapidly to save more lifes.


Photo source: Highways Ministry of Transportation and Communications Website