62/64/72/74 Expressway

V5 Technologies participated the traffic system construction for east-west expressways of TANFB (Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau) in 2010. V5 Technologies helped set up VistaTrack VD in Zhong-Lun tunnel, Sijiaoting tunnel, Jieyu tunnel and Lantangdu tunnel on 62 expressway as well as the Guanyinshan tunnel on 64 expressway to collect and monitor traffic information while V5 also set up VistaTrack of high rack type and VistaTrack VD of roadside type on 72&74 expressway to provide the following functions:


  • Traffic flow
  • Vehicle speed
  • Lane occupancy
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle distance


V5 Technologies’ VistaTrack VD not only supports traffic information collection but also helps the manager in the traffic management center to control and monitor traffic conditions immediately which improves effectiveness of traffic strategies and reduces accidents as well as travel time to make the expressway a more safe, more convenient and more intelligent public way.


62-64 Expressway


72-74 Expressway