Guangxi He-du Expressway


He-du Expressway is in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region which is part of China National Highway with length 92.32km.


He-du Expressway from Hechi to Duan is famous with its karst geography, the mountains rise high and the depressions spread, and it is the most difficult constructions of Guangxi highways.  There are 54 bridges on He-du Expressway and usually across the mountains and country roads increasing the cost and difficulty to build up these bridges.


There are also 27 tunnels on He-du Expressway where equipped with V5’s TrafficEye in several main tunnels to provide the following functions with advanced video analysis technologies,


Illegal parking detection

Vehicles travelling in inverse direction detection

Fallen objects detection

Pedestrians and other non-vehicle objects detection

Traffic congestion detection

Average and instant vehicle speed detection

Traffic flow volume in a given time data collection

Road occupancy in a given time

Size of vehicles data collection

Smoke and flame detection


With the intelligent video analysis techniques of V5 Technologies, the traffic manager could obtain the real time traffic information at the earliest moment to react instantly and increase the driving safety in the precipitous environment of the tunnels and also improve the efficiency when resolving traffic incidents.