Delsolar Corporation

Delsolar Corporation, China


Founded in 2004 in Jiangsu Province, China, WujiangDelSolar is dedicated to the research, development, and production of high-quality solar cells, modules, and PV systems. After more than 5 years of operations, Wujiang Delsolar has become one of the largest PV cell manufacturers in the Yangtze River Delta area.


To ensure the surveillance and security of its factory area, Wujiang Delsolar adopts V5 central video image management system and its intelligent video image analysis product of surveillance: i-Watch. By leveraging the reliable and high accuracy video image analytic algorithm of i-Watch, Delsolar security officers can promptly detect and take response actions to abnormal surveillance events like illegal intrusion, loitering, object dropping, object lost, and shading image.


Delsolar fab director Willy Ma, who is in charge of fab operation, said: "We are deeply impressed by the precise and reliable performance of V5 products. It can dramatically reduce the surveillance risk from human omission errors especially in the night shifts. Adopting V5 intelligent surveillance solution is one of our best investments on the site surveillance."