Guizhou Si-Zun Freeway

Si-Zun Freeway, from Sinan to Zunyi, is one of the most important traffic sections in Guizhou with length 163.627km. Si-Zun Freeway is in the north part of Guizhou which is an east-west freeway improves the traffic conditions of Zunyi and Tongren. It also makes the neighbor states and cities well connected and becomes more convenient. This freeway plays a key role to facilitate the economic development in Guizhou.


In order to enhance the safety and efficiency, Si-Zun Freeway is equipped with V5’s TrafficEye providing the following function: stopped vehicle, slow vehicle, wrong-way vehicle, traffic congestion, fallen objects, pedestrian detection, flame & smoke detection, over-speed vehicle, sudden deceleration detection and etc. Besides, it also implemented VistaTrack to collect important traffic information include traffic flow, traffic speed, road occupancy, vehicle type, vehicle distance and time interval to notify the manager for further decision and analytics.


By V5’s accurate image analytics technologies, the traffic manager can handle traffic incidents efficiently such as stopping vehicles, fallen objects and pedestrians and also capable of controlling the traffic status in real time for a safe, smooth, good conditions and efficient operations freeway.