National Freeway Central Region

Reverse Driving Detection System


For traffic management of National Highway, the manager is facing the issues about scooters rush into interchange or the vehicles drive reversely and lead to traffic chaos, accidents and traffic jam. Even though the warning signs are set at the intersection and the indicator lines are marked on the road, the worries stay. Microwave and the coil devices detecting reversing vehicles without image and video equipment, it is still not able to detect scooters or pedestrians entered the highway. 


V5 Technologies offer “video detection system” to detect vehicles in wrong direction or pedestrian and scooters run into the interchange, and provide real-time event alarm, notifications, video records and history records to help the manager to control, track and handle the event and reduce the accidents and congestion.


With high quality camera and professional infrared enhancing lighting creates high resolution analysis equipment and allows clear recognition at night. Besides, embedded video analysis device also helps to analyze and realize if events occurs and transfer real-time data to server or workstation. The personnel in traffic control center just need to view the video images, playback the video or download the images of the video with Center Management System; they can easily have more efficient and effective traffic management.