Jing-Kun Highway, China

Jing-Kun Highway from Beijing to Kunming with length 2865km numbered G5 is a main traffic road in China. The section from Shijia village to Taiyuan was finished constructed and opened for traveling on Dec. 22th 2015. V5 Technologies helped established Intelligent Incident Detector (IID) system and set up the cameras along the road inside and outside the tunnels. With IVA technologies, V5 Technologies provided automated recognition, alarm, record and statistics for the managers and placed an important role for traffic management and operation.


Product functions:

  • Event detection

  • Stopped vehicles detection

  • Traffic congestion detection

  • Pedestrian detection

  • Fallen object

  • Reverse driving vehicles detection

  • Smoke detection


Traffic data collection

  • Traffic flow

  • Average speed

  • Average vehicle length

  • Average vehicle space

  • Lane occupancy


By V5’s IVA technologies, the traffic manager could obtain traffic events in real-time to improve their efficiency and enhance the safety for drivers on the highway under such complicated traffic environment.