Yuanlin Elementary School, Changhua County

Regarding to school policy about friendly environment, more and more primary schools and junior high schools open the space for neighbors and residents for use in the spare time. However, the school children safety is still a concern for all of us, not to mention there is still news about intrusion and injury happened. Also, under limited school security human resource, the application of IVA is a huge benefit for school safety.


The V5 i-Watch (VN-941) consists of six main functions to set the alarm for intrusion event. I-Watch analyzes video image from IP camera surround school fences, and user can set tripwire, forbidden zone, loitering functions and deliver alarm to central management system (CMS) in the security room. Moreover, there is APP function which sends alarm to mobile phone for instant event review. V5 i-Watch allows school to shorten the time of intrusion crisis and also increase efficiency of security monitoring.

V5 VN-N941