Neo Solar Power Corporation

Neo Solar Power Corporation, Taiwan


NeoSolarPower Corp (NSP), found in 2005, is the largest professional PV solar cell manufacturer in the world. With its factories located in Hsinchu, Chunan, and Tainan, NSP possesses over 2.5GWp of PV cell capacity and plays as a very critical role in the supply chain of global PV industry. Being the largest professional PV cell manufacturer, one of the most important tasks for NSP is to ensure the scaled factories operate safely and normally to continuously deliver the products to the customers all over the world.


V5 Technologies provides NSP with its central video image management surveillance system which can integrate both analog and digital signals. V5 Technologies also provides its reliable intelligent video image analysis surveillance product - i-Watch to analyze the video images from hundreds of cameras to detect abnormal human invasion within a few seconds, and proactively send the warning message to the on-duty staffs in the central control room to take prompt actions. This can dramatically reduce the response time to abnormal intrusion event to reduce and prevent the damage or impact of such events.


NSP also adopts the intelligent fire/smoke video image analytic tool of V5 i-FiSmo. "During the field test, we found that i-FiSmo can detect the fire or smoke effectively. What amazing us is that, i-FiSmo can even detect the fire or smoke much earlier than traditional fire/smoke detector. These extra 30 to 60 seconds are very crucial to the success of fire distinguishing." said by Assistant Vice President Mr. Huang, who is in charge of the general administration function of NSP. "Adopting V5 products has offered NSP executives and security managers to re-allocate their valuable time to more important affairs." Mr. Huang further commented.