Guizhou Expressway, Guizhou City

Guizhou Expressway in Guizhou City, China


Since it opened for public in March 2011, Guizhou Expressway has been the shortest way from Guiyang to Guangzhou and southwest China. Due to its significant Karst geology, the expressway had to pass through mountains so constructed with 51% high percentage of bridges and tunnels. The expressway stretches over 80 kilometers with 18 tunnels each with the length of over 1000 meters. It is rarely seen that many tunnels on the same expressway.


V5 TrafficEye intelligent video traffic incident detector was installed since the construction begun in 2008. It was the first time this system used in such complicated construction conditions, the following shows its challenges:


‧There are 18 tunnels on the expressway, each with length over 1000 meters

‧Karst geology makes construction very difficult

‧Control rooms are widely located, 5 control rooms are needed

‧Three monitoring centers were planned to distinguish the alert level


Since it opened for public in 2011, V5 TrafficEye intelligent video traffic incident detection system has been working successfully and properly on the expressway for years. The core competency of V5 TrafficEye intelligent video traffic incident analyzer is the special O.S. design which completely eliminates system crash problems to allow operate 24 hours a day. Users can receive traffic incident alerts instantly and react promptly to the traffic accidents, reducing causalities and maintaining smooth traffic flow.