Urban Traffic Surveillance System, Chongqing City

Urban traffic surveillance camera in Chongqing, China


Located at the intersection point of Yangtze River and Jialing River, Chongqing City is one of China's municipalities. It is a governmental, economic and traffic center in west China. Its unique topography gives it a nickname as "City of Mountains." Similarly, the traffic environment in Chongqing City is very different from those in other cities.


Surrounded by mountains and two rivers, Chongqing City is located between the mountains and the street roads are rugged as its patterns are also complicated which makes it very difficult to do traffic management. Since 2012, Chongqing City started to execute the world's largest and the most extensive traffic network applications. In order to reinforce vehicle monitoring, Chongqing City begun to utilize VistaTrack (Sky) to collect vehicle data over the city, providing the following functions:


‧Traffic congestion detection

‧Average and instant vehicle speed detection

‧Traffic flow volume in a given time data collection

‧Road occupancy in a given time

‧Size of vehicles data collection


Besides the street roads' complicated patterns, Chongqing City is also famous for its thick fog which is a challenge for video image detectors. However, VistaTrack (Sky) has been proven workable in harsh environment, it can smoothly function under high temperature, thick fog and high humidity and provide the information requested by the managers.