Kunming Changshui International Airport Express, Yunnan Province

Kunming Changshui International Airport Express in Yunnan, China.


Kunming Changshui Airport, listed in the world's 100 airports, officially opened on June 28, 2012. It is the primary airport serving southern China and also the key traffic center facing southeast Asia, south Asia and connect Europe and Asia. Furthermore, Kunming Changshui Airport is the only international airport in southwest China while ÜrümqiDiwopu International Airport is the one for northwest China, and both considered as the mian hubs in western China. Under these conditions, the expressways connect to the airports have particular important positions and also drawed a lot of attention in terms of planning, construction and services.


The reason it is named "Changshui" is because the road was usually covered with thick fog, strong wind and thunders over years. The weather was very unpredictable caused the conditions of the expressway unclear as well. Since the beginning, the expressway has been utilized V5 TrafficEye intelligent traffic incident video monitoring system as the priority security system for the airport. Cope with the external environment and the changable weather, V5 TrafficEye intelligent system has been proven as durable, firm and stable.