The Huning Expressway, Jiangsu Province

The Huning Expressway in Jiangsu, China


The Huning Expressway is an important expressway that connects Shanghai and Nanjing. It runs from Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi to Nanjing, all of these citys are considered key areas for the economic development in China and featured with high population density and high traffic flow volum. The traffic flow volume of Huning Expressway has increased dramatically since it opened for public and become one of the busiest expressways in China.


For years, the traffic managers of the Huning Expressway kept trying to resolve traffic problems on the expressway. One of the problems was the difficulty to obtain the traffic information on time. Among all the traffic information detection devices, V5 VistaTrack VD intelligent vehicle monitoring camera was selected by the traffic management department due to its excellent accuracy, high system compatibility and extraordinary maintenance services.


VistaTrack VD was applied and compatible with current systems to allow keep using existing video and image devices as well as the ISO standards. It provided accurate data on traffic flow, vehicle speed in a given time and road occupancy for traffic managers in the most cost effective way. Moreover, it also provided backend management software, allowing users to save and obtain historical data easily. It definitely ensured and enhanced the traffic services level for Huning Expressway.