Fourth Nanjing Yangtze Bridge, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Fourth Nanjing YangTze Bridge in NanJing, China: Intelligent Traffic Incident Detection System


The Fourth Nanjing YangTze Bridge is known as the Golden Gate Bridge in China. It spans over 29 kilometers and it is the largest cable-stayed bridge in China with its twin-tower and three-span design. It also ranked as the third longest cable-stayed span in the world when it was completed. This constructin project was included in the proposed urban planning of "Five Bridges and One Tunnel" and approved by the State Council of China and it gained a lot of attention from the government so the specifications of the devices and systems were required at the highest criteria.


As the bridge was opened for public in December 2012, V5 TrafficEye intelligent traffic incident detection system stood out from all the other European and American brand companies because of its excellent and functional performances as well as its great stability.


‧Scooters and bicycles detection

‧Vehicle travelling in inverse direction

‧Traffic flow data detection

‧Traffic congestion


TrafficEye intelligent traffic incident detection system is used to detect the following incidents:


‧Car accidents and peculiar parking

‧Fallen objects on the roads

‧Presence of pedestrians