Wugu-Yangmei Elevated Expressway, National Expressway No.1

Wugu-Yangmei Elevated Expressway on National Expressway No.1, Taiwan


The Wugu-Yangmei Elevated Expressway is an elevated section along National Expressway No. 1 in northern Taiwan. It stretches over 40 kilometers and it is the most costly freeway in Taiwan (spent 88.2 billion Taiwanese dollars). This expressway was built initially to help ease the severe traffic congestion problems on National Expressway No.1. The Wugu-Yangmei Elevated Expressway was finished construction and opened for public use on April 20th, 2013.


As Taoyuan International Airport is one of the interchanges on National Express No.1, the Wugu-Yangmei Elevated Expressway absorbs high traffic volume. To ensure the safety of numerous drivers and vehicles on Wugu-Yangmei Elevated Expressway, the expressway was equipped with many V5 Technologies' systems including TrafficEye, VistaTrack, i-Watch and VistaTrack (Sky) to provide the following functions:


‧Illegal parking detection

‧Vehicles travelling in inverse direction detection

‧Fallen objects detection

‧Pedestrians and other non-vehicle objects detection

‧Traffic congestion detection

‧Average and instant vehicle speed detection

‧Traffic flow volume in a given time data collection

‧Road occupancy in a given time

‧Size of vehicles data collection

‧Human figure detection alert

‧Intrusion detection in key areas

‧Illegal intrusion image delivery and instant alert system


The Wugu-Yangmei Elevated Expressway is the traffic arteries of commuters, freight transpoartation and the main way to the airport. When traffic congestion occurs, it may cause not only the losses of economic wealth but also the drops of the public's satisfaction and confidence. Thus the expressway was implemented with many intelligent image analysis technique to help managers understand traffic conditions instantly, and discover and report traffic incidents at the first moment to ease traffic congestion and maintain smooth traffic flow.